We help teams sustain high performance.

Every team is different. So we work with teams to design programmes based on their specific needs and embed structures that help it last.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Engaging and retaining top talent is a high priority.
  • The last couple of years have been tough.
  • Burnout is a key concern.
  • We're struggling to support the varying needs within our teams
  • As people leaders we care yet lack the confidence, time & training to help every team member thrive.

If you answered YES to any of the above, you're in the right place. I can help.

What sets our programmes apart?

Most off-the-shelf training programmes promise to unlock your team's potential yet lack relevance, cut through and don't last.

At popp, we're alternate approach, our ultra-personalised High Performing Teams Programmes hit the sweet spot by applying our ALT criteria

They're Accessible ccc

They're Lasting- Rather than a one-off event, after which the workbook gathers dust, our programmes are strategically designed to drive and embed behaviour change.

They're Tailored- We love that each team member is unique, and we create bespoke programmes that best suit their needs.

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What people have shared

"I would highly recommend Chloe as a people-centred and results-orientated leader and facilitator."

Tim Hicks

Sales Director at Church & Dwight

""The participants left excited. We’re looking forward to putting the ideas into action""

Jacqui Slade
Head of Ecommerce & Business Development at Reckitt

"It was a pleasure to
have you take us
through your story and your action-oriented wellbeing model"

Leigh Thomas
Head of Customer & Own Brand at Coles

What might a High Performing Teams Programme include?

Teams are as different as the individuals within them. Therefore we offer a variety of offerings to support the needs of the specific team. These fall under our three pillars of Performance, Purpose & Wellbeing.

Here's a flavour of some of the workshops we offer:

Spotlight on one of our workshops

Chloe shares detail about the why behind one of the signature workshops we offer teams within Thriving Teams programme - MeWeBe™ Happy Wellbeing Workshop

Happy teams deliver 20% more* and are 34% more likely to stay**

Source: Gallup 2010* and Gallup 2016**

"Chloe, this has been one of the best sessions I have ever had. Super simple, super useful and super effective. Thankyou!"

- Participant

"I loved the session and the model will stick with me."

- Partcipant

"Really insightful, will definitely do the exercise monthly and improve over and over"

- Participant

"Chloe left the team feeling inspired and energised and more importantly with some easy tools to assist in them focusing on their wellbeing ongoing"

Elaine Brooks

- Own Brand Manager at Coles

Do you want a thriving & highly engaged team that sticks around?

Let's explore how High Performing Teams can elevate the performance of your team.