At popp, we help businesses develop talent. And leaders dive into their full potential without compromising their wellbeing.

Within each of us is a pool of unlimited potential. We're on a mission to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and become exceptional leaders.

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Traditional leadership development often lacks lasting impact. Participants may attend a workshop or training, but rarely does this result in sustained behaviour change.

We offer a ALTernate approach that's...




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Our Leadership Blueprint Academy

Suitable for: Leaders

Want to help your leaders become exceptional?

Our ultra-personalised, lasting leadership development programmes empower leaders to utilise their unique strengths and make a lasting impact in their organisations and beyond.

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Our High Performing Teams Programmes

Suitable for: Teams

Want highly engaged teams that no one wants to leave?

We help every teams thrive. Every team is different. So we work with teams to design and deliver programmes that foster sustainable high performance based on their specific needs.

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Our Strategic Life Design Programmes

Suitable for: Professionals

Want to swap self-doubt for confidence & clarity?

We help high achievers who feel stuck or lost discover their unique purpose and strengths. With this deep understanding, we help them dive into life and work in a way that fulfils them.

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But, we don't stop there.

All our programmes are accompanied by ongoing support to ensure sustained success.

Because lasting change is not an event, it's a process.

Hi, I'm Chloe.

Founder of popp | Leadership Coach | Facilitator | Trainer

If you want to be an exceptional leader. If you want you and your team to thrive, not survive. If you want a life that fulfils you without burning out. I'm your girl.

Having spent 10+ years working with hundreds of high performers, I became an ICF-certified leadership coach and facilitator to help high achievers sustain outperformance without the ugly consequences.

With extensive experience in Retail & FMCG, strategically leading teams & categories of >$500 million per year. I support individuals and businesses to develop their leadership capability so they can both achieve & sustain high performance.

Utilising my MeWeBe® Leadership methodology I help individuals harness their unique strengths & cultivate confidence through wellbeing and purpose .

Book a call to discuss how I can help you and your team.

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This free paper is for Leaders, Executives & HR Professionals seeking to stem attrition and empower their teams.

We explore the sustainable solution that will help leavers stay and thrive.

Leavers to Leaders offers solutions for retaining and engaging talent. Supporting "leavers" to become leaders.

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